Ideas emerge above the level of description, in the realm of raw imaginal stuff, and the act of attaching symbols or words to them; a ballast of semantic and semiotic material, drags them down, inevitably mis-shapen and only partially described. This effort is however required to make conceptualisations available to others, for pleasure, and for the critical purposes of dialectical exchange.

Ideally in the course of time, such attempts at definition refine and hopefully become more congruent with the original, grasped notion.
These writings should be recognised as such tentative articulations, gleaned in part from intuition and observation, but also drawn from the ideas of all of the others who have attempted this same process, ideas that have happened, for whatever reason to pass through this local, noospheric sensorium.

Therefore, also included, are thoughts and intentions which have been unintentionaly corrupted or similarly misunderstood, en-route. As such, these scribblings are not to be considered as propositions of truth, simply the queriously curioidal and playfully humble, speculations of one that is many.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008



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  1. Howdie, Bacillus! This is leycec from Raiazome (http://www.raiazome.com), with a hasty thanks on your comment. Peruse about -- and enjoy! Now, I particularly liked the quotes that head your blog (...aptly chosen; and Herman Hesse, yes!) and that "Trees reach to clouds" photograph and "Christmas card" that follows.

    I wonder, also: what's your impression of the crisis-born bedfellows of climate change, peak oil, ecologic collapse, and economic depression now befalling humanity?

    That is: where do you think we're heading, and how do we get there? :)

    As ever, an itinerant blog-fellow - and fond appreciator of your mellowed words, photography, and poetry; humbly yours and all the ragtime best,

    leycec (Brian Curry)

    P.s. More to come at Raiazome, as well. Next up: Bill Mollison's "Permaculture Design Course Transcript", culled from:


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